Who we are?

We are a multi-award-winning social media marketing, communications and consulting agency.

Through experience, creativity and curiosity, we manage to deliver video content to clients that achieves their predetermined goals, reaches as many potential clients as possible and brings them closer to the brand, exponentially increasing the chances of purchase.

Our client portfolio is diverse, ranging from the largest medical group in Europe to a budding superstar in the soft drinks industry in Romania.

Social Media Management

It takes experience, mixes well with creativity and adds a pinch of charisma to create a strong presence of your brand in Social Media.

With this recipe we have generated over 100,000,000 fully organic views for our clients.

Through a good Social Media strategy, we help you create communities around your brand to interact with effectively. We are up to date with all the trends and news in viral content. We are armed with creative ideas and enough experience to come up with a killer plan for your business.

Video content on Social Media

From funny clips or breathtaking stories, viral formats or engaging clips, we are here to offer you a rich menu of video content that will bring you visibility and tell your brand story.

We know how it is with trends, we swim in them daily, we know that the idea and the context are the key and most important, we know how to find the right recipe for you.

Pay-per-Click Advertising

Why is this the simplest and most direct way to grow your business? Easy. Because you know how much you invest and see exactly how much profit you make.

We have a data-driven approach that allows us to track and see user behavior to constantly improve our optimization, segmentation and testing methods.

Integrated Campaigns

Because we like to "go big" before the work schedule ends and "go home", we also do 360 campaigns.

That is, a mix of strategies, communication channels and ideas that are both crazy and smart, which will take your brand up the charts (if you're not afraid of heights).

The goal is for your business and the message to be present everywhere.

Influencer Marketing

Here the story is simple. We find the perfect match, i.e. the right influencers for your brand.

We only choose those who align with your values and can bring you real results. This is because an influencer is not only a strong online presence, but also the voice of a community that they represent and that you want to reach.

We want to build genuine partnerships that result in content your audience loves. Content to go.

Graphic Design

We combine art with technology. Very good.

Through a choreography of fonts, shapes and colors, we obtain unique concepts applicable to your brand.

We keep the most powerful tools in the industry in our pocket to deliver all the visual content your brand needs.

Website creation

We make you a functional presentation website or online store that attracts eyes and converts visitors into happy customers.

And don't worry, with our web maintenance service, we take care of everything we've built, making sure your site always stays up-to-date and relevant.

Is your business ready for heights?

Whether you found the service you were looking for or not, you get a free 30-minute consultation to help you make the right marketing choices.

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Client results

Scule și Utilaje

Shop with tools and agricultural machinery from the most famous manufacturers in the world, at advantageous prices.


Changing the promotion strategy, increasing sales through online and telephone orders (Orders value 2022: 1,343,579 RON).


Google Ads, Facebook & Instagram Ads



Sales of 10,228,373 RON in 2023, ROAS 27.5

Dr. Kurbe Center

Medical center offering full dental services, plastic surgery and beauty care services.


Increase the number of followers, views and appointment requests for clinic services.


Social Media Management (FB, IG, TikTok), Meta Ads, Video Editing



+30,000 followers, +18,000,000 views


The first fully monetizable social network for any type of user.


Increasing awareness and the number of registrations in the Romanian market.


Video content on TikTok, Instagram and Facebook



+10,000,000 views in 40 days +19,000 new accounts


Cash & Carry stores, aimed at corporate customers for domestic use.


Creating a refreshed brand image that has historical significance and represents the DCNeu brand.


Graphic Design, Making a mascot



"Master DCNeu" mascot

EDENT Clinic

Digital dental clinic of excellence that includes all the services needed for a healthy smile.


Increasing the awareness of the clinic and doctors.


Video content on TikTok, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube



+10,356,751 organic impressions +4,300,280 video views

Zatta România

Online store with kitchen products.


Creating and launching an online store, promoting products to increase sales.


Google Ads, Meta Ads, Creating an online store



+16.000.000 RON, ROAS 8.4


Storage spaces in the heart of Bucharest, which can be rented online.


Creating a brand identity.


Branding with naming, tagline, logo, brand manual, Social Media Management, Meta Ads



Name "SelfStorage", Tagline "Your smart storage solution", Logo

Asociația al 3-lea Cer

Non-governmental organization that helps children from disadvantaged backgrounds.


Creation of a logo that reflects the brand values.


Graphic Design with Logo Design



Logo Asociația al 3-lea Cer

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